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While the posts, which will posted on this blog, might not have a lot of sources and be more of research or study papers – as in formulating ideas and questions for further study – I have and will be writing longer articles or papers, which sources and discussions.


As for now I have a number of papers and assignments written as exams from my studies at the Hebrew University, which I have published and welcome you to read.


The list will of course be growing over time.


Islam in the Writings of Maimonides:

Maimonides is considered one of the greatest thinkers in Judaism, whether on legal, philosophical or theological issues. Having lived under Almohad rule in his youth and early adult life – likely being forcibly converted to Islam – he had a deep understanding and knowledge of Islam, and as such would advice on issues concerning the two religions.

While being critical to Arab-Muslim rule, he was more positive to Islam as a religion for the non-Jew.


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