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Jewish-Muslim Relations is – as the name says – a blog focusing on the relations between Jews and Muslims, both historically as well as in modern times, though the former will be the most dominant.


It will consists on posts discussing the relation between Jews and Muslims, and how it changed geographically and historically, studies of episodes, as well as translations of Hebrew texts (which in some cases might be translations of originally Arabic texts).


The purpose is both for me to get a better understanding on how Jews and Muslims have related to each other, as well as – hopefully – providing a more nuanced knowledge on the subject. Today, all too often, the subject is controlled by ignorance and ideological bias, more than a wish for true understanding of this subject, which is defined by so many conflicting and contrasting cases. Just as a case we can mention how Jews were forcefully converted by the Almohads in the twelfth century and contrast it with the Ottomans’ acceptance of Jewish refugees in 1492, when they were expelled from Spain.


I hope that all will feel free to participate in the discussions, but that it will be done in a respectful and open tone, accepting that this indeed can be a very sensitive issue to many, which more often than not is being taken prisoner in different groups’ political or ideological agendas.


About me:


My name is Peter Kaltoft, or – in Israel – Shmuel Koltov.

I am originally from Denmark, but came to Israel – made ‘Aliyah – in 2010. Here I met my wonderful wife and her two kids, got married, and today we live as the perfect family (most of the time), with our latest addition, my son who was born in 2012.

Living here has made me natural inclined to focus on my group’s – the Jews – relation to the other groups here, the Christians and Muslims, and the other way around, trying to really understand how we have related to each other through history, and why we have related to each other as we have.

Muslims and Islam has been the main focus for me, maybe because I come from a Christian country, and feel more attracted to the mysterious and exotic. Maybe because I’ve always had a lot of Muslim friends, and naturally have some sympathy for Muslims and Islam, maybe because Judaism and Islam simply are so interconnected and similar, that you can’t totally separate the two.

I’m also writing on Our Religiosity, where some of the posts here will be published as well. Take a look, it is definitely a visit worth!


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